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Name Tapes X 6
1. Name Tapes X 6

Ref: 80247

Price: 7.00 (Including a13158 at 20%)


Please ensure when you order, that your name on your order sheet is spelt correctly.

This is the name we will use.

If in doubt, please mail us with your correct spelling to: -

There will be a slight delay due to the ordering process. As soon as we have received the name tapes, they will be sent out first class post.

Tactical Recognition Flash
2. Tactical Recognition Flash

Ref: 20003425

Price: 0.80 (Including a13158 at 20%)


11 Sig Bde Flash - Coloured
3. 11 Sig Bde Flash - Coloured

Ref: 8155

Price: 0.80 (Including a13158 at 20%)


OG Royal Signals T-Shirt
4. OG Royal Signals T-Shirt

Ref: OG

Price: 10.00 (Including a13158 at 20%)



Jimmy badge and 'Royal Signals' embroidery on left breast

Corps Colour Wrapping Paper
5. Corps Colour Wrapping Paper

Ref: 60810

Price: 1.00 (Including a13158 at 20%)


50 cm x 70 cm

Please note. We DO NOT offer a wrapping service

Corps Baseball Cap - Navy Blue
6. Corps Baseball Cap - Navy Blue

Ref: 27989

Price: 8.00 (Including a13158 at 20%)


Corps Baseball Cap with embroidered Jimmy. Available in 3 colours Navy Blue, Royal Blue or Dark Green.

Online Catalogue |  Best Sellers